We are pleased to announce that Episode 8 of the UC Press podcast series is now available. In November’s episode, Chris Gondek of Heron and Crane Productions interviews a film historian/producer and an art director, on a very influential silent film star, and then a husband and wife tandem that examines night workers in the Big Apple.

First he interviews Jeffrey Vance and Tony Maietta, authors of Douglas Fairbanks. Second, it’s Russell Leigh Sharman and Cheryl Harris Sharman, authors of Nightshift NYC. You may subscribe to the monthly podcast feed that contains the individual episodes using your RSS aggregator or directly via the iTunes store.  You can listen to individual author interviews from the episodes on our podcast page.

Listen to the podcast with Jeffrey Vance and Tony Maietta: [podcast]https://www.ucpress.edu/content/podcasts/10913.mp3[/podcast]

Listen to the podcast with Russell Leigh Sharman and Cheryl Harris Sharman: [podcast]https://www.ucpress.edu/content/podcasts/10864.mp3[/podcast]