As the annual conference of the Western Association of Women Historians convenes this week in Davis, California, we would like to remind  attendees that, in celebration of UC Press’s 125th anniversary, we are offering free online access to all UC Press journals during the month of April 2018. This free access includes the complete archives of Pacific Historical Review, California History, and Southern California Quarterly.

In celebration of the WAWH conference the editors of PHR have curated a selection of articles focused on gender history, which they think will be of special interest to conference attendees:

“A Season in Hell”: Australian Women, Modernity, and the Hustle of New York, 1910–1960
Anne Rees

Surviving the Bomb in America: Silent Memories and the Rise of Cross-national Identity
Naoko Wake

White Plague, Mexican Menace: Migration, Race, Class, and Gendered Contagion in El Paso, Texas, 1880–1930
Heather M. Sinclair
*Winner of the W. Turrentine Jackson Article Prize*

“These Guys Came Out Looking Like Movie Actors”: Filipino Dress and Consumer Practices in the United States, 1920s–1930s
Mina Roces

Wobblies of the Partido Liberal Mexicano: Reenvisioning Internationalist and Transnational Movements through Mexican Lenses
Devra Anne Weber
*Winner of the Berkshire Conference Article Prize and the Louis Knott Koontz Memorial Award*

Gender, Migration, and the U.S. West: America Is in the Heart, Barrio Boy, and Tomorrow’s Memories
Dorothy Fujita-Rony

The Blue Flower and the Account Book: Writing a History of Mixed-Blood Americans
Anne F. Hyde

Representing the Ideal American Family: Avard Fairbanks and the Transformation of the Western Pioneer Monument
Cynthia Culver Prescott

Jiu-Jitsuing Uncle Sam: The Unmanly Art of Jiu-Jitsu and the Yellow Peril Threat in the Progressive Era United States
Wendy Rouse

“A Little Home for Myself and Child”: The Women of the Quapaw Agency and the Policy of Competency
Katherine Ellinghaus
*Winner of the Jensen-Miller Award*

Pa‘u Riding in Hawai‘i: Memory, Race, and Community on Parade
Elyssa Ford

“Defend Your Manhood and Womanhood Rights”: The Birth of a Nation, Race, and the Politics of Respectability in Early Twentieth-Century Denver, Colorado
Modupe Labode

Social Studies Controversies in 1960s Los Angeles: Land of the Free, Public Memory, and the Rise of the New Right
Elaine Lewinnek

Please remember that the free access period expires at the end of April. For continued access to these articles and all PHR content, please subscribe and/or encourage your library to subscribe.