In this video for WineRadio, Terry Theise tackles the question, Why we should be drinking Riesling?

Reading Between the WinesTheise, a James Beard Award winner, legendary wine importer, and author of Reading Between the Wines, argues that Riesling is the greatest grape from which wine is made, period. He also debates the merits of Grower Champagnes vs. big houses like Moët et Chandon. Patronizing smaller artisanal producers, he says, makes us more human. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

Reading Between the Wines was recently included in the San Francisco Chronicle’s guide to holiday wines. Jon Bonné, the Chronicle‘s wine editor, writes, “Terry Theise’s long-awaited memoir might contain the year’s most literate wine writing. Theise, well-known for his lyrical wordsmithing, avoids the usual memoir take and instead pens a rhapsody to the wines he loves, and to the very beauty of wine itself.”

Terry TheiseThe book was also reviewed by the Washington Post‘s Dave McIntyre, who writes, “This book should be required reading for wine aficionados and also for newcomers who might not yet have put voice to their appetites for new and interesting wines.”

And if, like us, you just can’t get enough of Terry Theise, listen to the latest UC Press podcast, in which Theise explains why his book is, and is not, about wine: