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“We want to really have far-reaching impact, and not necessarily just within our field, but within humanity itself.”

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In his role as Deputy Director at the Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems at Georgia Institute of Technology, and Editor-in-Chief of the Sustainable Engineering domain of Elementa, Michael Chang gives his thoughts on the current landscape of publishing, and the future of open access.

This podcast was edited from the radio show Lost in the Stacks, a program produced by the Georgia Tech Library and WREK. The original episode “A Personal Guide to Open Access’, part of their their series of episodes dedicated to open access was aired on October 11, and can be found here. Michael was interviewed by Charlie Bennett, Ameet Doshi, and Fred Rascoe.

Michael is also featured in a special SMARTech podcast ‘Information Now: Open Access and the Public Good‘, produced by Lizzy Rolando, Wendy Hagenmaier, and Fred Rascoe for the Georgia Tech Library.