Banned Book Week and Mark Twain

We all know that Mark Twain was no stranger to having his books banned through his life. Back in July, Newsweek printed this excerpt (which will appear in the second volume of the Autobiography of Mark Twain) of Mark Twain confronting a librarian who had banned one of his books.
We’ll be giving away a free galley of the first volume of the Autobiography to someone who can tell us which books of Twain’s have been most commonly banned banned over the years. If you think you know, just send the answer to via either the thisismarktwain twitter feed or email to by noon, pst, on Wednesday, September 29 and you’ll be entered to win. One lucky person drawn from the correct entries will be chosen and the winner notified. Good luck.

3 thoughts on “Banned Book Week and Mark Twain

  1. It’s amazing how ‘controversial’ an author’s books can seem during his lifetime but then decades later no one blinks an eye. Unfortunately writers now try to be controversial whereas authors in the past like Twain weren’t trying to be but just wrote what they wrote.

  2. To me, Mark Twain is one of the most inspiring people who’ve ever lived. I totally agreed with William Faulkner who called him the father of American literature. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which books of Twain’s have been most commonly banned…..

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