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An Inquest into Its Martyrdom

Norman Finkelstein (Author)

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Hardcover, 420 pages
ISBN: 9780520295711
January 2018
$34.95, £27.95
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Gaza is among the most densely populated places in the world. Two-thirds of its inhabitants are refugees, and more than half the population is under eighteen years of age. Since Israel occupied Gaza in 1967, it has systematically de-developed the economy. After Hamas won democratic elections in 2006, Israel intensified its blockade of Gaza, and after Hamas consolidated its control of the territory in 2007, Israel tightened its illegal siege another notch. In the meantime, Israel has launched no less than eight military operations against Gaza—culminating in Operation Cast Lead in 2008–9 and Operation Protective Edge in 2014—that left behind over three million tons of rubble. Recent UN reports predict that Gaza will be unlivable by 2020. 

Norman G. Finkelstein presents a meticulously researched and devastating inquest into Israel’s actions of the last decade. He argues that although Israel justified its blockade and violent assaults in the name of self-defense, in fact these actions were cynical exercises of brutal power against an essentially defenseless civilian population. Based on hundreds of human rights reports, the book scrutinizes multifarious violations of international law Israel committed both during its operations and in the course of its decade-long siege of Gaza. It is a monument to Gaza’s martyrs and a scorching accusation against their tormenters. 
Norman G. Finkelstein received his doctorate from the Princeton University Department of Politics. His many books have been translated into more than fifty foreign editions. He is a frequent lecturer and commentator on the Israel-Palestine conflict.
"As a modern-day Sisyphus, rolling the heavy boulder up the hill of disinformation, Finkelstein does not waver in his determination to take it to the crest. Although a non-lawyer, he masters the legal issues, the Geneva Conventions, ICJ Advisory Opinions, UN resolutions and commission reports, weaving them into a compelling narrative, an articulate appeal for justice, a protest against the moral cop-out of the international community. Finkelstein refutes the Big Lie and many arcane little lies about Gaza and Palestine. A scholarly manual for every politician and every person concerned with human rights."—Alfred de Zayas, Professor of Law, former Secretary of the UN Human Rights Committee

"No scholar has done more to shed light on Israel’s ruthless treatment of the Palestinians than Norman Finkelstein. In Gaza, he meticulously details Israel’s massacres of the Palestinians in that tiny enclave during Operations “Cast Lead” and “Protective Edge,” while demolishing the myths Israel and its supporters have invented to disguise these shocking events."—John J. Mearsheimer, R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago
"This is an exceptional, singular work that will stand as a vital contribution to the literature on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Middle East politics, while also securing an essential place in the fields of international and human rights law. Gaza is an indispensable resource for scholars, jurists, policymakers, and diplomats alike. A landmark."—Sara Roy, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University 
"Norman Finkelstein, a serious scholar of the Middle East conflict, has written an excellent book on Israel’s invasions of Gaza. Its comprehensive examination of both the facts and the law of these assaults provides the most authoritative account of this brutal history.”—John Dugard, Emeritus Professor of Public International Law, Leiden University, and Special Rapporteur to the UN Commission on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, 2001–2009

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