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Common Spiders of North America

Richard A. Bradley (Author), Steve Buchanan (Illustrator)

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Hardcover, 288 pages
ISBN: 9780520274884
December 2012
$60.00, £41.95
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Spiders are among the most diverse groups of terrestrial invertebrates, yet they are among the least studied and understood. This first comprehensive guide to all 68 spider families in North America beautifully illustrates 469 of the most commonly encountered species. Group keys enable identification by web type and other observable details, and species descriptions include identification tips, typical habitat, geographic distribution, and behavioral notes. A concise illustrated introduction to spider biology and anatomy explains spider relationships. This book is a critical resource for curious naturalists who want to understand this ubiquitous and ecologically critical component of our biosphere.

Richard Bradley is an Associate Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. He earned his Ph.D. in Biology at the University of New Mexico, studying the population biology of scorpions, and has been an active researcher and teacher since 1972, publishing on the behavior and ecology of birds, scorpions, and spiders.
“People with an interest in North American spiders should enjoy this book.”—Ian Paulsen Birdbooker Report/The Guardian
"This is a fabulous book, worthy of a place on the bookshelves of any arachnological library."—David Penney British Arachnological Society Newsletter
Common Spiders of North America is an exceptionally well constructed and illustrated guide that fills a large gap in America's natural history guides. It will stimulate scientific research and public interest in one of the most diverse and abundant of all animal groups.”--Edward O. Wilson, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

“Bradley provides a very well written introduction to the biology, natural history, collection, and identification of spiders and provides stunningly beautiful illustrations of nearly 500 common species found in North America. This book is designed to be used by all arachnophiles (and brave arachnophobes) from young to old and from backyard naturalist to scientist. No other field guide on this subject provides such detailed information and illustrations about so many species. It is a must-have for anyone interested in nature and the animals with whom we share this planet.”--Paula E. Cushing, co-author of Spiders of North America: An Identification Manual

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