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The Sociology of Development Handbook

Gregory Hooks (Editor)

Available worldwide

Hardcover, 728 pages
ISBN: 9780520277786
September 2016
$150.00, £103.00
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The Sociology of Development Handbook gathers essays that reflect the range of debates in development sociology and in the interdisciplinary study and practice of development. The essays address the pressing intellectual challenges of today, including internal and international migration, transformation of political regimes, globalization, changes in household and family formations, gender dynamics, technological change, population and economic growth, environmental sustainability, peace and war, and the production and reproduction of social and economic inequality. 
Gregory Hooks is Professor and Chair in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University.
“A who's who and what's what of development sociology, ‘indispensable’ is insufficient to describe this book. The Sociology of Development Handbook is a crystallization of the North American development sociology of the early twenty-first century. No other book matches it for scope and depth of coverage.”—­­Salvatore Babones, author of The Future of Development: A Radical Manifesto 

“Given its intellectual diversity and relevance, The Sociology of Development Handbook makes for an excellent contribution to a growing field and should be adopted by sociology departments and libraries across the country.”—Enrique Pumar, editor of Hispanic Migration and Urban Development and Perspectives in Social Research Methods and Analysis

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