Peter Schrag Honored at Berkeley Public Library Authors Dinner

Peter Schrag at BPLF Authors Dinner, Copyright 2011 Richard Friedman. All Rights Reserved.

UC Press author Peter Schrag was among the honorees at the Berkeley Public Library Foundation’s 9th Annual Authors Dinner. Also on the guest list were Burton Richter, Joyce Carol Oates, Dave Eggers, Yiyun Li, Markos Moulitsas, Raj Patel, Tobias Wolff, and Jaron [more...]


Peter Schrag on the History of Immigration

Just before Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070 went into effect at the end of July, a federal judge temporarily blocked certain of the most controversial sections. In the wake of the ruling, Peter Schrag, author of Not Fit for Our Society: Immigration and Nativism in America, gave his point of view on immigration on the [more...]


Peter Schrag and Tyche Hendricks on Immigration

Peter Schrag, author of Not Fit for Our Society, and Tyche Hendricks, author of The Wind Doesn’t Need a Passport, were guests on KQED’s Forum yesterday. They discussed immigration with fellow guest Bill Ong Hing and host Michael Krasny.

Describing her experiences traveling in the US-Mexico borderlands, Hendricks found that the border is a bi-national region [more...]


A Call to Action for California

Following the low voter turnout for California’s June 8 primary election, Mark Paul, co-author of California Crackup, wrote, “The real story of the Tuesday elections, it seems to me, is that voters have given up on believing in democracy under California’s current electoral system.” In the California Progress Report last Friday, Peter Schrag, author of [more...]


Perspectives on the Border

Arizona’s new immigration law, which allows police to stop people they suspect to be in the US illegally and requires immigrants to carry documentation with them, has stirred up controversy and widespread protest. It’s an issue with a long history, as Kelly Lytle Hernández shows in her book Migra!: in which she chronicles the history [more...]


The History of the Immigration Debate: New Podcast with Peter Schrag

In this podcast, Peter Schrag, author of Not Fit for Our Society, talks to Chris Gondek about the history of immigration and nativism in America.

He finds that nativist attitudes have persisted in America for centuries, with the same arguments that were once used against European and Chinese immigrants now being used to argue for restricting [more...]