B. Ruby Rich on Trigger Warnings

Thumbnails, the news and culture roundup at, gave a nod to Film Quarterly editor B. Ruby Rich’s column, “Thinking about Triggers, Thumbs, Sex and Death.” The essay, they say, “provides invaluable commentary on a variety of topics, including Steve James’s acclaimed documentary, ‘Life Itself,’ based on Roger Ebert‘s 2011 memoir of the same name.” Here’s a selection from the essay:

Ebert [more...]


Hollywood theatrical reissues—past, present, and future

by Eric Hoyt

I remember the experience well. My friend, Matt Charney, and I visited the local multiplex on a freezing cold day to watch the “best movie ever made.” Yes, Citizen Kane was playing in our Kansas City suburb’s largest theater (20 screens!), and we figured we ought to see it. So we did what [more...]


SCMS 2014: Tiny Screens, Post-Broadcast TV, and More

Mary Francis, Acquisitions Editor, reports back from the Society of Cinema & Media Studies annual conference, held this year in Seattle.

I’ve been going to this conference for more than a decade. The society was previously called the Society for Cinema Studies; the ‘M’ for “media” was added to reflect the wide range of topics that [more...]


Obituary for the Video Store

By Daniel Herbert

Released in January, my book Videoland has turned out to be something of an elegy, even an obituary, for the video store. Although certain stores and chains continue to flourish (Family Video in particular), the greater brick-and-mortar video rental business has largely vanished. Even great specialty stores that seemed to have strong community [more...]


Hilary Hallett on the Women Who Made Hollywood

Columbia history professor Hilary Hallett has been getting some wonderful advance praise for her new book, Go West, Young Women!, which explores the influx of women in early Hollywood and their role in the development of Los Angeles and the nascent film industry. The Huffington Post included Go West, Young Women! in their list of 10 [more...]


From Ghost World to Your World: Boom interviews graphic novelist Daniel Clowes

The latest issue of our journal Boom: A Journal of California (visit Boom’s web site), published this week, features an exclusive interview with Oakland artist and graphic novelist Daniel Clowes.

Clowes launched his career with the comic series Lloyd Llewellyn, about the adventures of a private detective, then went on to create the comic series Eightball, [more...]


An Acquiring Eye: Mary Francis on Cinema and Music Books and Journals

In the newest Acquiring Eye feature, Humanities Publisher Mary Francis gives us her take on the music and cinema titles and journals coming out this spring.

Starting with one of the flagship publications from our Journals Division, Film Quarterly is always a treat to find in the mailbox.  Never an issue goes by when I don’t [more...]


Deeper Context: The Nicest Kids in Town

One way to look at a publisher’s ultimate role is that they facilitate the conversation between the author and the reader, but if authors start developing their own sites as well as Matt F. Delmont did for the site to accompany his new book, The Nicest Kids in Town: American Bandstand, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and [more...]


Author Reflections: Remembering Don Cornelius and Black Television Pioneers

The first entry in our Author Reflections series comes from Matt Delmont, author of The Nicest Kids in Town. In The Nicest Kids in Town, Matt deftly places the TV show American Bandstand squarely in the civil rights struggles going on in Philadelphia during the 1950s. Here, Matt shares his thoughts around the passing of [more...]


Radical Light Coming to a Theater Near You

You don’t have to live in Northern California to experience Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–2000 on the big screen. The Radical Light Book, Film, and Video Tour will be hitting Los Angeles next week, and traveling throughout the United States in 2011–2012. Details for the L.A. screenings [more...]