Crack the Code: Day One

The Crack the Code Sweepstakes has begun. You have until midnight EST / 9PM PST tonight to crack this code, and send us a direct message on Twitter @ucpress with the answer. We’ll select a winner at random from all eligible entries and announce it on Twitter (limit one entry per Twitter account). The winner will receive a copy of The Book of Codes.

Check back every day this week for a new video, another code to crack, and another chance to win The Book of Codes. At the end of the week, you’ll have a chance to win the grand prize—$100 worth of UC Press books.

Tips and Tricks for the Crack the Code Sweepstakes

While reviewing each day’s video, the pause/play button and forward/backward controls are your friends. Use them often and to great effect.

For those new to Twitter, here’s a great explanation of how to direct message.

If you miss your chance to send your solution to the day’s code, you’ll have more chances to win as the week progresses, with a big chance to win $100 in UC Press books at the end of the week in our Grand Prize Drawing. You can always find the Sweepstakes Rules here (PDF).