Twain and Clemens, Fortune-Seekers: New Podcast with Jerome Loving

One hundred years after his death, Mark Twain is still funny. “His humor was lasting because it points out the incongruity of life, that ever widening gap between illusion and reality,” says Jerome Loving, author of Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens, in this podcast.

Loving, who has also written biographies of Walt Whitman and Theodore Dreiser, talks to Chris Gondek about the characters of both Samuel Clemens, educated literary figure, and Mark Twain, humorist writing in the American vernacular. He describes how Clemens sought his fortune on the Mississippi River and in the Nevada silver mines before striking gold as a journalist, and eventually, finding immortality as a great American writer. Mark Twain will be published this spring, on the centennial of Twain’s death.

Listen to the podcast:  

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