The Lessons of Sand

Sand, is all around us—it has made possible our computers, buildings and windows, toothpaste, cosmetics, and paper, and it has played dramatic roles in human history, commerce, and imagination.

There are lessons to be learned from sand. The Fast Draw’s ( Mitch Butler and Josh Landis explain:

Want to learn more about sand? Told by a geologist with a novelist’s sense of language and narrative, Sand: A Never-Ending Story examines the science—sand forensics, the physics of granular materials, sedimentology, paleontology and archaeology, planetary exploration—and at the same time explores the rich human context of sand. Interwoven with tales of artists, mathematicians, explorers, and even a vampire, the story of sand is an epic of environmental construction and destruction, an adventure in staggering scales of time and distance, yet a tale that encompasses the ordinary and everyday.

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