Pioneering Trends in Sexuality Research

SrspThe newest trends in sexuality research are highlighted in the new issue of the National Sexuality Research Center’s online peer-reviewed journal, Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of the NSRC (SRSP). The special issue, entitled New Trends in Sexuality Research: Contributions from Fellows in the Sexuality Research Fellowship Program, commemorates the end of a ten-year Sexuality Research Fellowship Program, funded by the Ford Foundation, and contains articles written by some of the program’s participants. Guest editor Diane di Mauro, who guided the fellowship program since its inception in 1995, chose a range of articles to reflect the future of sexuality research in America.

“The articles appearing in this issue represent the work of a new generation of scholars who address the complexity and contextual nature of human sexuality. Their work signifies a tremendous accomplishment that has considerably strengthened the field of sexuality research in the United States. This includes a more useful dissemination of research that can inform policy decisions regarding important social and sexual health issues,” said di Mauro.

Also featured in this issue is “Emotional Scripts of Sex Panics” written by Janice M. Irvine, a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts, whose latest book is Talk About Sex: Battle Over Sex Education in the United States. Dr. Irvine poses the compelling argument that local sex panics over sex education in the schools are not spontaneous eruptions of community outrage, but instead are political events carefully scripted by the right wing to reinforce a conservative sexual morality. For more information on this special issue please visit the National Sexuality Research Council website.