Super Sidewalk Sale

SidesaleUniversity of California Press will sell hundreds of new and slightly scuffed books from the warehouse at a significant discount on Wednesday, October 11, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Prices are $5 for paperbacks and $10 for hardback, with a few exceptions for art books and oversized editions. The sale will be held in front of the Press offices at 2120 Berkeley Way, one block north of University, between Shattuck and Oxford.

One of the largest nonprofit publishers in the United States, the University of California Press publishes over 180 new books and 50 journals each year in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Founded in 1893, UC Press today attracts manuscripts from the world’s foremost writers, scholars, artists, and public intellectuals. About one-third of current authors are affiliated with the University of California.

One thought on “Super Sidewalk Sale

  1. I served as a marine rifleman in Viet Nam, 1968-69. I’ve read much Viet Nam war literature and published a collection of war poetry, On The Way to Khe Sanh, (three of which appeared in The Iowa Review, Spring 2005), and a memoir, Nam Au Go Go – Falling for the Vietnamese Goddess of War.

    I want to pass on a heads up about Nam Au Go Go – Falling for the Vietnamese Goddess of War, which is available on the web.

    My book is different. It talks about something no one I can find has written about – what violence does to war fighters. How, if combat soldiers and marines see too much, do too much, they can cross a threshold into an adaptation to violence and become addicted to it. When your emotional self is killed off by the insanity of war, survivors of this addiction have a hard time re-connecting with society. Combat is a one-way door. Once you go through, you cannot go back. You are changed.

    Find Nam Au Go Go on booksellers’ websites.

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