New York Times Book Review Praises Medieval Cuisine of the Islamic World and Artichoke to Za’atar

10587_211052_2 Lilia Zaouali’s Medieval Cuisine of the Islamic World and Greg and Lucy Malouf’s Artichoke to Za’atar were reviewed in the NYTBR’s December 2 Holiday Cookbook Guide.

Reviewer Dwight Garner was captivated by Zaouali’s culinary journey through time: “Fascinating selection of recipes taken from ancient cookbooks (which also includes 31 contemporary recipes “that evoke the flavors of the Middle Ages”). There are amazements on nearly every page.”

Garner also commented on the creativity and variety of Malouf’s recipes in Artichoke to Za’atar: “Greg Malouf is an Australian chef who has an easy mastery of Middle Eastern ingredients, from coriander to yogurt to mint. His recipe for Southern fried chicken with Eastern spices, to give just one example, brilliantly reanimates an old favorite.”
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