Crack the Code to Win the Grand Prize!

It’s your last chance to crack the code and win the Book of Codes Sweepstakes! Today we’ll give away a copy of The Book of Codes, and the Grand Prize—$100 worth of UC Press books.

Decipher the mystery message in this video and send us a direct message on Twitter (@ucpress) with the answer. If you’re right, you could win The Book of Codes and learn how to decode everything from cuneiform and medieval ciphers to the pattern in your living room carpet.

For a chance at the Grand Prize, combine the messages in the week’s videos to make a quote by a famous author. Send the correct quote and author to, and you could win $100 worth of books from UC Press. Put it towards your purchase of the Codex Mendoza, go on a holiday book shopping spree, or save it for a rainy day.

The deadline for both prizes is midnight EST, 9PM PST tonight. Good luck…

Review the week’s coded videos:

Monday, The Caesar Shift

Tuesday, International Maritime Code

Wednesday, ASCII

Thursday, Hobo Chalk Marks

Read the Sweepstakes Rules (PDF)