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Book Authors

Why Publish With Us?

University of California Press is one of the largest and most distinguished scholarly publishers in the world, dedicated to promoting independent thinking and diverse voices. Each year, UC Press publishes about 200 new books in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Our titles set the standard for excellence in scholarship and craftsmanship, and enrich lives around the globe.

Prepare Your Book Proposal

Step-by-step instructions for querying an editor and submitting a book proposal.

Find an Acquisitions Editor

Meet our acquisitions team and find the right editor for your prospective book.

Promote Your Work

Along with our professional marketing and sales efforts, UC Press offers authors handy tools and templates for self-promotion.

Learn about our FirstGen Program

Find out how we're supporting first-gen scholars.


Note: If you are a current author looking for instructions on how to prepare your maunuscript for production, please contact your editor or EA.