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  • Holidays 2023

    2023 Holiday Sale

    This holiday season, we are pleased to offer a special savings of 30% off our collection of books. Visit our gift guide to find out how to claim your discount.

    2023 Gift Guide

  • Our Mission

    Ideas with Impact

    At a time of dramatic change for scholarship and publishing, we collaborate with faculty, librarians, authors, and students to stay ahead of today's knowledge demands and shape the future of publishing. Learn more. 

  • New in Journals

    Sound and Music Studies

    Journal of Sound and Music in Games presents high-quality research concerning all areas of music and/or sound in games. Learn more.

  • UC Press Foundation

    Support Independent Publishing

    The UC Press Foundation raises funds to uphold the Press’s vital role as an independent, nonprofit publisher, and receives philanthropic support from a wide range of individuals and institutions—and from committed readers like you. Learn more.


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