Every book we publish has a dedicated page on Amazon that features:

  • the cover image
  • a description of your book
  • your author bio
  • a “Search Inside the Book” link that features select content, such as frontmatter, table of contents, and the index
  • blurbs, review excerpts, and awards
  • a link to your Amazon author page, if you build one

Creating an author page via Author Central is easy, free, and worth your time! All authors with a book on Amazon are eligible to join Author Central.

Author Central

As a first step, search for your book and review your book’s metadata on Amazon (title, subtitle, author, name, etc.).

Next go to and register for an account. Then build your author page by adding customized information about yourself and your work, including a bio, photo, speaking schedule, and videos. Also add links to relevant social media sites, such as Twitter. Be open to participating in discussion boards.

Creating an author page will allow you to manage some of the content that buyers will see on your book’s page. Another useful feature of Author Central is that it allows you to track sales on Amazon and locate buyers. Visit Amazon Author Central for tips on optimizing your book’s search results.

Reach out to your network as you build your profile on Author Central. Watch for and promote positive customer reviews. You might encourage colleagues or friends to write reviews for your book (note that reviewers are not required to purchase the book from Amazon in order to post a review).