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Author Promotions Toolkit


Welcome to the UC Press Author Promotions Toolkit, a resource for all our authors on how to promote your book. We are thrilled to be your publisher and look forward to collaborating with you to ensure your book reaches the right audience.

For every book we publish, our Marketing team crafts a promotion plan tailored to the target audience. Our marketing strategy includes:

  • Your Expertise. We’ll send our Author Promotions Questionnaire (APQ), a form that helps us gather your information, expertise, and contacts to most effectively market your book.
  • Metadata. Our marketing team crafts your book’s metadata — all data that describes your book, including title, subtitle, price, publication date, ISBN, keywords, subject categories, and any other relevant information that will optimize visibility and discoverability online.
  • Book Page. Once your book cover, description, and metadata are finalized, we’ll feature your book on our website, which draws thousands of unique visitors every day. This information also feeds to other online retailers, such as and Amazon.
  • Catalog. We’ll announce your book in our seasonal catalog, which is shared with our sales reps, retailers, select media contacts, journal editors, and subscribers.
  • Distribution. We’ll share your book with our sales reps and distributors, who will distribute your book through a range of channels, including online retailers and — for trade and academic trade titles — bookstores.
  • Email Campaigns. Around your publication date, we’ll feature your book in our faculty email campaigns that go out to subject-specific subscribers.
  • Book Awards. Our Awards & Exhibits Manager will submit your book for awards on your behalf, and help promote any wins.
  • Conferences. We’ll spotlight your book at relevant academic meetings where we exhibit.
  • Reviews. Our publicity team will develop a targeted review list for your book and submit (digital or physical) review copies to the appropriate media and review outlets.
  • Blog Features. We’ll work with you on content for our UC Press blog, as relevant.
  • Social Media. We’ll promote your book on our social channels, as relevant.
  • Book Flier. Our marketing team will provide a promotional book flier that you can use for announcements and events.
  • Supporting Your Promotions. We’ll help you promote book events, media coverage, and reviews.

Our marketing has the most impact when authors work with us to promote their book to their networks. Please review our Author Promotions Checklist to find out what you can do to get the word out.


There’s a whole team of marketing, publicity, and sales staff working behind-the-scenes to get the word out about your book. Our marketing team manages email promotions, conference exhibits, the UCP website and blog, and advertising. Our publicity team manages review and media outreach, and will support event promotion and efforts for topical content placement. Our sales team ensures distribution of your books. Please contact our Author Marketing Communications Manager if you have questions about the promotional plans for your book.

UC Press Promotions Team