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Violence in Latin American History

Violence is an important theme across the social sciences and humanities for scholars who work on Latin America. Yet, violence is only beginning to be considered historically: not as a natural feature of Latin American cultures or a byproduct of structural inequalities, but as a phenomenon at the fulcrum of society and politics. The series gathers books from different national and transnational perspectives in order to capture the dynamic study of different forms of violence that mark Latin America throughout its history.

As a collection, the Violence in Latin American History series challenges essentialist views of a violent Latin America by tackling the central role of violence in the region's history. Violence will not be the keystone of one interpretation, but the vehicle through which to build fresh dialogues across the distinct national traditions, periodizations, methodological and interpretive models that tend to fragment historiography. Together, the books in the series put forward a new understanding of Latin America.

Editors: Pablo Piccato, Federico Finchelstein, and Paul Gillingham

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