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University of California Publications in Linguistics is a monographic series devoted to research in linguistics and language sciences. The series has traditionally emphasized descriptive, historical and lexicographic research on lesser known languages, the indigenous languages of the Americas in particular.

Submission Guidelines:
The Series monographs are the oldest publishing programs at University of California Press, dating back to its founding in 1893. The monographs are highly specialized book-length works. Publishing in the series is open to all qualified scholars with present or past UC affilation. All publications are published jointly in print and online. All manuscripts should be submitted to the chair of the series editorial boards. Members of the series editorial board jointly decide on publication after evaluating peer reviews. The editorial boards consist of tenured UC faculty. If your manuscript is approved for publication, you will need to provide digital files suitable for printing.

If you would like to submit a paper contact the series editorial board.

Editorial Board:
Larry Hyman, Chair University of California, Berkeley
Judith Aissen University of California, Santa Cruz
Andrew Garrett University of California, Berkeley
Marianne Mithun University of California, Santa Barbara
Pamela Munro University of California, Los Angeles
Sharon Rose University of California, San Diego

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Yuki Grammar: With Sketches of Huchnom and Coast Yuki

Uldis Balodis
UC Publications in Linguistics, 151
$95.00, £74.00 Hardcover
April 2016

Cover Image

Creek (Muskogee) Texts

Mary R. Haas
UC Publications in Linguistics, 150
$65.00, £50.00 Hardcover
January 2015

Cover Image

A Grammar of the Seneca Language

Wallace Chafe
UC Publications in Linguistics, 149
$65.00, £50.00 Paperback
November 2014

Cover Image

Bole-English-Hausa Dictionary and English-Bole Wordlist

Alhaji Maina Gimba, Russell G. Schuh
UC Publications in Linguistics, 148
$65.00, £50.00 Paperback
October 2014

Cover Image

A Grammar of Nzadi [B865]: A Bantu language of Democratic Republic of Congo

Thera Marie Crane, Larry M. Hyman, Simon Nsielanga Tukumu
UC Publications in Linguistics, 147
$55.00, £43.00 Paperback
November 2011

Cover Image
$55.00, £43.00 Paperback
June 2011

Cover Image

Consonant Harmony: Long-Distance Interactions in Phonology

Gunnar Olafur Hansson
UC Publications in Linguistics, 145
$55.00, £43.00 Paperback
November 2010

Cover Image

Coproduction and Coarticulation in IsiZulu Clicks

Kimberly Thomas-Vilakati
UC Publications in Linguistics, 144
$36.95, £29.00 Paperback
June 2010

Cover Image

Ingush Grammar

Johanna Nichols
UC Publications in Linguistics, 143
$75.00, £58.00 Paperback
March 2011

Cover Image

Chimariko Grammar: Areal and Typological Perspective

carmen Jany
UC Publications in Linguistics, 142
$36.95, £29.00 Paperback
October 2009