Studies in Avian Biology

Studies in Avian Biology is a series of works published by the Cooper Ornithological Society since 1978. Volumes in the series address current topics in ornithology and can be organized as monographs or multi-authored collections of chapters.

This series is now complete. The following volumes are in print, but no further volumes will be issued.

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Urban Bird Ecology and Conservation

Edited by Christopher A. Lepczyk, Paige S. Warren
Studies in Avian Biology, 45
$85.00, £66.00 Hardcover
October 2012

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Arctic Shorebirds in North America: A Decade of Monitoring

Edited by Jonathan Robert Bart, Victoria Helen Johnston
Studies in Avian Biology, 44
$85.00, £66.00 Hardcover
September 2012

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Video Surveillance of Nesting Birds

Edited by Christine Ann Ribic, Frank Richard Thompson III, Pamela Jo Pietz
Studies in Avian Biology, 43
$85.00, £66.00 Hardcover
June 2012

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Emerging Avian Disease, Published for the Cooper Ornithological Society

Edited by Ellen Paul
Studies in Avian Biology, 42
ePub Format
May 2012

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$55.00, £43.00 Hardcover
July 2011

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Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Grouse, Published for the Cooper Ornithological Society

Edited by Brett K. Sandercock, Kathy Martin, Gernot Segelbacher
Studies in Avian Biology, 39
$99.95, £77.00 Hardcover
October 2011

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$99.95, £77.00 Hardcover
May 2011