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Berkeley Series in British Studies

The Berkeley Series in British Studies aims to contribute to the rethinking of histories of modern Britain and its Empire. It seeks to interrogate focus on revealing the historically specific nature of Britain’s modernity, probing the transformations of its economy, society, politics, and culture within broad imperial, transnational and global frames.

It invites accounts of Britain’s economic transformation, especially in relation to discourses and practices of comprehension, production, and exchange. It welcomes studies of governance and politics, particularly concerning forms of statecraft and political mobilization. It encourages studies of social life with a particular interest in the experience and understanding of inequalities of gender, race, sexuality and class. And it supports studies of culture in these transformations, as well as accounts of culture as a discrete realm with its own institutions, forms, and conventions.

Each book in the series will be available in a reasonably priced paperback and/or as a digital edition. We welcome research-based monographs, interpretive syntheses and short interventions upon the field. Authors are encouraged to send proposals to the editor who will take an active role in helping develop the manuscript.


James Vernon
Professor of History University of California, Berkeley

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Drag by Jacob Bloomfield

Drag: A British History

  • by Jacob Bloomfield (Author)
  • October 2024
  • Paperback $24.95, £21.00|
    Hardcover $29.95,  £25.00|
    eBook $29.95,  £25.00