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Critical Refugee Studies

Call for Book Proposals

Series Description

Edited by the Critical Refugee Studies Collective, the Critical Refugee Studies (CRS) Book Series seeks innovative and provocative books that privilege and address the concerns, perspectives, knowledge production and global imaginings of refugees, involuntary migrants, asylum seekers, internally displaced and stateless human beings. Please see the Collective’s definition of “refugee” here.

The interdisciplinary field of CRS re-conceptualizes refugees and their lifeworlds not as a problem to be solved by global elites but as a site of social, political and historical critiques that, when carefully traced, make transparent processes of colonization, war, and displacement. Such reconceptualization requires approaches that integrate theoretical rigor and policy concerns with the exploration of refugees’ rich and complex lived worlds—that fuse the critical and the creative. 

We seek projects that engage diverse historical and geopolitical contexts; that are grounded in in-depth historical and community research; and that convey the richness and complexities of refugees’ political, social, cultural, affective and spiritual practices. We solicit works that center refugees as active, resourceful and resilient subjects – as knowledge producers, rather than as objects of study. 

Please note that at this time, we are not accepting proposals for edited collections

Author Guidelines

We are committed to publishing books that have the potential to reach a wide readership.  We seek concise, exciting and  engagingly written books on current refugee issues aimed not only at scholars but also at undergraduate students, activists and organizers, and a general audience. 

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Those interested in submitting to the series should provide the following materials: 1) a book proposal ; 2) 1-2 sample chapters; and 3) a CV. The book proposal should include the following:

  • Working title.

  • Overview of the book. The pitch for the book should explain how the proposed work engages critical refugee studies and centers refugee subjects.

  • Table of content and chapter descriptions. 

  • Current status of the manuscript and expected completion date.

  • Comparable books on the market: What distinguishes this book from other books on refugees?

  • Readership: Who are the primary and secondary readerships of the book?

  • Author biography, which includes author’s credentials—personal and/or scholarly—for writing the book.

Please email submissions and inquiries to Series Senior Editor Yến Lê Espiritu