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Niels Hooper
Executive Editor, has a B.A. in Modern History from Oxford University and an M.A. in History and African-American Studies from the University of Michigan. Prior to joining UC Press he worked at Verso Books in New York, at first running North American publicity, sales, and marketing, and later joining Verso's editorial board and becoming the US General Manager. Recent books on his list include Rebecca Solnit's Infinite City, Grace Lee Bogg's The Next American Revolution, Martha Biondi's The Black Revolution on Campus, Daniel Smail and Andrew Shryock's Deep History, Salim Tamari's Year of the Locust, Peter Boag's Re-dressing America's Frontier Past, Carlo Ginzburg's Threads and Traces, and Immanuel Wallerstein's Modern World-System IV.

Areas of acquisition: US History and American Studies, Pacific World, World History, Middle East Studies
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Christopher Johnson
Executive Editor, received a B.A. in History from Grinnell College. Christopher joins the UC Press from John Wiley & Sons where he was the acquisitions editor for psychology and education for over ten years. At Wiley, Christopher managed a comprehensive catalog of introductory and advanced undergraduate and graduate learning materials working with some of the finest psychologists in the field including Ann Kring, Sheri Johnson, Ron Comer, Elizabeth Gould, Susan Fiske, Margaret Matlin, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Catherine Sanderson, Thomas Oltmanns Keith Oatley, Dacher Keltner and Daniel Cervone.

Area of acquisition: Psychology
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Nadine Little
Art History Editor, holds a B.A in art history from Cornell University and an M.A. in museum studies from Case Western Reserve University. Prior to joining UC Press in 2015 she worked for University of Hawaii Press, where she acquired and developed a diverse list of books on science, nature, and the environment as well as regional trade topics. Before embarking on a career in publishing, she worked with museums and cultural organizations in California and Hawaii. She brings to UC Press wide-ranging experience in art history, cultural institutions, and expertise in the publication of complex, beautifully illustrated books.

Areas of acquisition: Art, Photography, Architecture/Design, Curatorial/Museum Studies, Visual Culture
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Reed Malcolm
Executive Editor for Anthropology and Asian Studies. Reed holds a M.A. in the History of Religion from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley. Prior to joining UC Press in 1995, he worked at the University of Chicago Press and at Parallax Press in Berkeley. The UC Press Anthropology list encompasses all aspects of social and cultural studies, including comparative, historical, and multi-sited ethnography. Core areas include medical anthropology, public anthropology, global studies, religion, politics, linguistics, science and technology, Asia, and Latin America. The Asian Studies at UC Press list is one of the longest running and most highly-regarded in the country, having published award-winning titles in history, anthropology, sociology, politics and policy.

Areas of acquisition: Anthropology, Asian Studies, Global Studies
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Kate Marshall
Acquisitions Editor, studied history at Bates College and received a master's degree in Latin American studies at UC Berkeley before joining UC Press in 2008. Kate manages several award-winning lists, including our interdisciplinary programs in environmental studies, food studies, and Latin American studies. Her authors come from many disciplines, including history, anthropology, sociology, geography, the sciences, and beyond. In 2013, she launched a new list in Latin American history. Across fields, she is interested in books that contend with environmental and social justice issues. 

Areas of acquisition: Environmental Studies, Food Studies, Latin American Studies 
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Raina Polivka
Music, Film, and Media Studies Editor earned a M.A. in Comparative Literature and a M.L.S. in Rare Books and Special Collection Librarianship from Indiana University, where she also worked with several hidden gems of the Hoosier State—The Kinsey Institute and the Lilly Library, among others. Prior to her appointment to UC Press, Raina acquired in music, film/media, Russian and East European Studies, and the humanities more generally at Indiana University Press. During her 5 years at IU Press, she expanded these lists to take on diverse formats and to reach a variety of readers. She looks forward to bringing that same passion for innovation in scholarly communication and publishing to her lists at UC Press.

Areas of acquisition: Music, Cinema, Media Studies
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Kim Robinson
Editorial Director, received a B.A. in English from UC Santa Barbara. Before joining UC Press in 2009, she spent eight years at Oxford University Press in New York both as music editor and editorial director of the scholarly reference group. Before stepping into the role of Editorial Director, she was Social Sciences Publisher and regional editor at UC Press. Previous to her career in publishing, she spent a decade working for nonprofit organizations and foundations interested focused on the environment and equal access to information and technology. A few of Kim's UC Press acquisitions include California Crackup: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It, A People's Guide to Los Angeles, and the launch of Boom: A Journal of California.
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Maura Roessner
Senior Editor, received a B.A. in English from Penn State University. She worked at Penn State Press and Princeton University Press before spending nearly a decade at Oxford University Press acquiring and developing textbooks, professional references, and scholarly works in the field of social work. Since joining UC Press in 2012, Maura's focus has been on criminology, law, and society. A few of Maura's recent publications include Can't Catch a Break; Cheap on Crime; Appealing to Justice; Listening to Killers; Race, Place, and Suburban Policing; and Risk Terrain Modeling. Follow Maura on Twitter @Maura_R


Areas of acquisition: Criminology, Sociology, Law & Society, Criminal Justice
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Eric A. Schmidt
Classics and Religion Editor, studied painting and printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design before receiving his bachelor's degree in liberal arts from St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Eric has been with UC Press since 2007, working in acquisitions and manuscript editorial on our lists for classics, history, art history, music, and cinema, before taking up the editorship for classics and religion. Eric prefers to receive proposals electronically; please submit a brief coverletter describing the project via the contact box below.

Areas of acquisition: Religion; Classical Studies, the Ancient World through Late Antiquity
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Naomi Schneider
Executive Editor for the Social Sciences, was an undergraduate history major at Smith College and the University of Pennsylvania and a graduate student in history at Brown University. She worked at HarperCollins, Random House, and Oxford University Press before coming to UC Press. In a previous life, she worked in a roofing factory, as a waitress, and on the railroad. She has edited award-winning authors including Paul Farmer, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Cynthia Enloe, Jody Williams, Annette Lareau and Alejandro Portes. A significant portion of her list is focused on issues of social justice and human rights. In 2010, UC Press launched the Naomi Schneider Imprint to highlight the lives and experiences of the disenfranchised; these select titles reassess mainstream history and spur unconventional thinking about contemporary social and political matters.  Read our Editor's Spotlight with Naomi Schneider

Areas of acquisition: Sociology, Public Anthropology, Contemporary Social Issues, Global Health
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Lyn Uhl
Executive Editor, received a B.A. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota and is studying for a master's degree in Instructional Design from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Lyn joins UC Press after a lengthy editorial career with McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Cengage Learning, and most recently, Emerald Group Publishing. As Emerald’s Head of Books, Lyn was responsible for establishing a new scholarly books program in management. Prior to that, Lyn was Editor in Chief for Humanities and Social Sciences at Cengage Learning where her role included management of the Communication list. Her editorial team there developed, published, and revised market leading titles by Julia Wood, Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Ron Adler and others. At McGraw-Hill, Lyn was Editor and later Publisher in history, where she launched two very successful first editions and was delighted to work with renown authors such as Jerry Bentley, Alan Brinkley, Jim Davidson, John Hope Franklin, Dennis Sherman, and Herb Ziegler.

Areas of acquisition: Communication and History Textbooks and Coursebooks
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