Reprints and Permissions

Reprints and permission requests for most University of California Press journals content should be directed to Rightslink® or the Copyright Clearance Center.

Use Rightslink to reuse or republish journal content in:

  • Books, journals, newsletters, newspapers, brochures, exhibition catalogs
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Use the Copyright Clearance Center to reuse journal content in:

  • Print or electronic course packets
  • Library E-reserves
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  • Educational conference/workshop materials
  • Photocopies
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How to use Rightslink

  1. Navigate to the article you are interested in reusing
  2. Click the "©Request Permissions" link on the right side of the page to open Rightslink
  3. Create a Rightslink account (a two-step process) if you haven't already
  4. Select your reuse or reprint preferences
  5. Accept the terms and conditions (one click)

Additional Information for some University of California Press journals

Publication Dates Prior to 1964: Public Domain in Select Titles

For many of our journals, articles published before 1964 are in the public domain and may be copied or reprinted without permission from UC Press. These journals include: Asian Survey, Film Quarterly (formerly Quarterly of Film, Radio and Television and Hollywood Quarterly), Journal of the American Musicological Society (formerly Bulletin of the American Musicological Society), and Nineteenth-Century Literature (formerly Nineteenth-Century Fiction and The Trollopian). Pre-1964 content within these titles may be copied and reprinted without permission. Please be sure, however, to reference the original citation in conjunction with republication.

Additionally, rights for Volumes 1-9 of Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences are handled by UC Berkeley’s Office for History of Science and Technology.


For translation requests, use our contact form, select “Reprints and Permissions,” and be sure to include any related details that will help us facilitate your request (the name of the journal, issue, and article, as well as your contact information, etc.).