What is RSS?

RSS feeds, also known as Really Simple Syndication, enable you to get updates from your favorite websites without having to visit the website's URL. You can subscribe to one or multiple RSS feeds and get updates through a news aggregator or feed reader.

Who Publishes RSS Feeds?

Nearly every major website now offers RSS feeds. You can find RSS feeds on The New Yorker, The New York Times, NPR and many, many others.

How Do I Subscribe to RSS Feeds?

You will need a special news reader or aggregator to display RSS content. Most news readers or aggregators are free of charge.

Yahoo's directory of news readers

How Do I Subscribe to the UC Press RSS Feeds?

Go to our RSS subscription page. For Google and Yahoo users, click on the specific icon on that page and it will automatically subscribe you to the desired feed.

For other RSS readers, copy the URL for the RSS feed you want (found by clicking on the RSS 2.0 button) and then paste it into the "Add Feed" or "New Feed" dialog of your RSS reader.