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The Global Turn

Theories, Research Designs, and Methods for Global Studies

Eve Darian-Smith (Author), Philip C. McCarty (Author)

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The ability to deploy interdisciplinary theoretical perspectives that speak to interconnected global dimensions is critical if one’s work is to be relevant and applicable to the emerging global-scale issues of our time. The Global Turn is a guide for students and scholars across all areas of the social sciences and humanities who wish to embark on global-studies research projects. The authors demonstrate how the global can be studied from a local perspective and vice versa. They show how global processes manifest at multiple levels—transnational, regional, national, and local—all of which are interconnected and mutually constitutive. This book takes readers through the steps of thinking like a global scholar in theoretical, methodological, and practical terms, and it explains the implications of global perspectives for research design.
Eve Darian-Smith is Professor and former Chair in Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. Her award-winning publications include Religion, Race, Rights: Landmarks in the History of Modern Anglo-American Law and Laws and Societies in Global Contexts: Contemporary Approaches.
Philip C. McCarty is Lecturer in Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. His recent publications include Integrated Perspectives in Global Studies, “Communicating Global Perspectives” in Global Europe: Basel Papers on Europe in a Global Perspective and “Globalizing Legal History” in Rechtsgeschichte.
“Eve Darian-Smith and Phillip McCarty have given us a major new contribution to the study of the global. Among the core elements are negotiating multiple forms of knowledge, decentering the production of global knowledge, and recognizing non-Western epistemologies. This is a must-read.”—Saskia Sassen, author of Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy

“Erudite and accessible, The Global Turn offers a masterful delineation of the growing transdisciplinary field of Global Studies. Most importantly, Darian-Smith and McCarty’s pathbreaking presentation of the theories, methods, and training relevant to Global Studies clarifies what it means to engage in global research. This is an indispensable guide to a better understanding of the new forms of global interdependence that shape our fast-paced world in the twenty-first century.”—Manfred B. Steger, Professor of Sociology, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa and Honorary Professor of Global Studies, RMIT University (Melbourne)

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