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A Love Story

Rashi K. Shukla (Author)


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Methamphetamine: A Love Story presents an insider’s view of the world of methamphetamine based on the life stories of thirty-three adults formerly immersed in using, dealing, and manufacturing meth in rural Oklahoma. Using a respectful tone towards her subjects, Shukla illuminates their often decades-long love affair with the drug, the attractions of the lifestyle, the eventual unsustainability of it, and the challenges of exiting the life. These personal stories reveal how and why people with limited economic means and inadequate resources become entrapped in the drug epidemic, while challenging longstanding societal views about addiction, drugs, drug policy, and public health.
Rashi K. Shukla is Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Oklahoma. She received her PhD in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University and has served as lead investigator of a multimethod study of the methamphetamine problem for more than a decade. Her research, which focuses on offender decision-making and the evolution of drug problems, has been presented in numerous forums, both nationally and internationally. Learn more about Rashi Shukla at: 
"This is a powerful book that narrates the stories of methamphetamine “cooks.” It's a hot topic not only because of the devastation this drug has wrought across the United States but also because of the gripping portrayal of methamphetamine manufacturing that captivated Americans addicted to the series Breaking Bad. Few scholars can manage the moral integrity and humanity needed for such intimate interactions with their subjects. But in this book we see the reward of doing so. Only by capturing the real essence of their stories is one able to analyze their pathways into the darkness with true understanding."—Miriam Boeri, author of Women on Ice: Methamphetamine Use among Suburban Women

"While the number of interviewed meth users is not large, the depth of the interviews is impressive. The author wisely chooses to write in an accessible style while also including numerous references for those who might be interested. . . . The writing style is such that nonspecialists will find it informative and interesting. University-level students and interested citizens in general should find this book of interest."— Ralph Weisheit, coauthor of Methamphetamine: Its History, Pharmacology, and Treatment


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1 of 12: Author Rashi Shukla discusses the beginning of the methamphetamine study in Oklahoma. 

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2 of 12: Starting the search for the methamphetamine study. 

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3 of 12: Shukla discusses how the study evolves. 

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4 of 12: The need to study meth cooks. 

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5 of 12: How the research is an experiment in itself. 

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6 of 12: Toxic gold--the network of people underlying the meth love story. 

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7 of 12: If only five academics read this study ...

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9 of 12: The goal of writing a book. 

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10 of 12: "Meeting them changed me." 

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11 of 12: Shukla discusses her hope for readers. 

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12 of 12: Links to Breaking Bad

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