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The Separation Solution?

Single-Sex Education and the New Politics of Gender Equality

Juliet A. Williams (Author)

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Since the 1990s, there has been a resurgence of interest in single-sex education across the United States, and many public schools have created all-boys and all-girls classes for students in grades K through 12. The Separation Solution? provides an in-depth analysis of controversies sparked by recent efforts to separate boys and girls at school. Reviewing evidence from research studies, court cases, and hundreds of news media reports on local single-sex initiatives, Juliet Williams offers fresh insight into popular conceptions of the nature and significance of gender differences in education and beyond.
Juliet Williams is Professor of Gender Studies and Associate Dean of Social Sciences at UCLA. She is also the author of Liberalism and the Limits of Power and contributing coeditor of Public Affairs: Politics in the Age of Sex Scandals.
"This book greatly contributes to conversations about single-sex schooling by illuminating how racism and sexism have undergirded arguments for public single-sex schooling."—American Journal of Sociology
"In The Separation Solution, Juliet Williams revisits the issue of single-sex education with a well-written combination of personal experience and scholarly research . . . the author is deeply involved in her topic, which makes for very good reading."—Sex Roles
“Juliet Williams deftly combines insights from sociology of gender, sociology of education, and sociology of race/ethnicity—alongside work from feminist and legal studies—to provide a definitive account of challenger efforts to establish single-sex institutions in public school systems.”—Amy Binder, author of Becoming Right: How Campuses Shape Young Conservatives

"An illuminating account of the promises and problems of the nouveau single-sex schooling movement. Juliet Williams expertly weaves the history and politics underlying the 'different but equal' rationale for gender-separated public education, revealing how a focus on gender has come to overshadow the greater needs of at-risk students and how single-sex proponents have danced around antidiscrimination protections in pursuit of 'saving' our sons (or daughters)."—Lise Eliot, author of Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow into Troublesome Gaps—and What We Can Do About It

“Juliet Williams examines the rhetoric and reality of sex differences using the lens of the debate over single-sex versus coeducational schooling. In this beautifully written and brilliantly reasoned text, readers learn how both sides of the debate have used their understanding of the ways females and males are both similar and different to support diametrically opposed points of view. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the intersection of gender and legal studies.”—Diane F. Halpern, past President of the American Psychological Association and Dean Emerita of Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute

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