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Introduction to Attic Greek

Second Edition

Donald J. Mastronarde (Author)


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ISBN: 9780520954991
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Thoroughly revised and expanded, Introduction to Attic Greek, 2nd Edition gives student and instructors the most comprehensive and accessible presentation of ancient Greek available. The text features:

• Full exposure to the grammar and morphology that students will encounter in actual texts

• Self-contained instructional chapters, with challenging, carefully tailored exercises

• Progressively more complex chapters to build the student's knowledge of declensions, tenses, and constructions by alternating emphasis on morphology and syntax

• Readings based on actual texts and include unadapted passages from Xenophon, Lysias, Plato, Aristophanes, and Thucydides.

• Concise introduction to the history of the Greek language

• Composite list of verbs with principal parts, and an appendix of all paradigms

• Greek-English and English-Greek glossaries

Additional Resources:

•Robust online supplements for teaching and learning available at

•Answer Key to exercises also available from UC Press (978-0-520-27574-4)
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Introduction. The Ancient Greek Language and Attic Greek
Unit One. The Alphabet; Pronunciation
Unit Two. Accentuation
Unit Three. O-Declension Nouns; Prepositions I
Unit Four. A-Declension Nouns I; The Article
Unit Five. Present Active Indicative of O-Verbs
Unit Six. A-Declension Nouns II; Prepositions II
Unit Seven. Vowel-Declension Adjectives; Attribution and Predication
Unit Eight. Second Person Imperative; Prepositions III; Relative Pronoun and
Relative Clauses
Unit Nine. Present Infinitive; Two-Ending Adjectives
Unit Ten. Present of e?µ?; Some Uses of the Genitive and Dative
Unit Eleven. Present Middle/Passive Indicative
Unit Twelve. Adverbs; Conjunctions; Pronoun ??t?s; Pronominal Article; Prepositions IV
Unit Thirteen. Contract Verbs In -??; Demonstratives
Unit Fourteen. Consonant-Declension Nouns I
Unit Fifteen. Consonant-Declension Nouns II; Interrogative Pronoun
Unit Sixteen. Imperfect Indicative
Unit Seventeen. Indefinite ??s; Uses of the Accusative
Unit Eighteen. Future Active and Middle Indicative
Unit Nineteen. Aorist Active and Middle Indicative and Imperative
Unit Twenty. Tense and Aspect; Indirect Discourse
Unit Twenty-One. Consonant-Declension Nouns III; Personal Pronouns
Unit Twenty-Two. Consonant-Declension Adjectives
Unit Twenty-Three. Present System of ??-Verbs
Unit Twenty-Four. Athematic Aorists
Unit Twenty-Five. Adjectives With Variant Stems; Numerals; Reflexive and Reciprocal Pronouns; Result Constructions
Unit Twenty-Six. Participles: Formation and Declension
Unit Twenty-Seven. Uses of the Participle I
Unit Twenty-Eight. Uses of the Participle II; ??da
Unit Twenty-Nine. Aorist Passive and Future Passive
Unit Thirty. Contract Verbs In -?? and -??; Further Uses of the Genitive and Dative
Unit Thirty-One. Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs
Unit Thirty-Two. The Subjunctive
Unit Thirty-Three. Formation of the Optative
Unit Thirty-Four. Uses of the Optative; Indirect Discourse With ?t?; Indirect Questions and Indirect Interrogative
Unit Thirty-Five. Conditional Constructions
Unit Thirty-Six. Indicative With ??; Correlatives; More Particles
Unit Thirty-Seven. Perfect System Active
Unit Thirty-Eight. Perfect System Middle/Passive; A-Contract Nouns
Unit Thirty-Nine. Third Person Imperatives; Object Clauses With Verbs of Effort; Athematic Perfects
Unit Forty. O-Contract Nouns; Verbal Adjectives In -??s and -???s; Subordinate
Clauses In Indirect Discourse; Meanings of Prepositional Prefixes
Unit Forty-One. Temporal Clauses With ??s and the Like; ????; Attraction
Unit Forty-Two. Contract Vowel-Declension Adjectives; Attic Declension; Assimilation of Mood

Appendix A. Table of Contractions
Appendix B. Principal Parts
Appendix C. Paradigms
Greek – English Glossary
English – Greek Glossary
Donald J. Mastronarde is Melpomene Professor of Classics at the University of California, Berkeley. Among his many books are The Art of Euripides: Dramatic Technique and Social Context, Euripides, Medea, and Euripides, Phoenissae.

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