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Reproduction and Sexuality in Marine Fishes

Patterns and Processes

Kathleen S. Cole (Editor)

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Marine fishes represent astonishing diversity with respect to practically every aspect of their biology. Reproductive modes and sexual patterns are especially fascinating and provide deep insight into general evolutionary problems. In this volume, chapters focus on reproduction and sexuality among groups of fishes defined by habitat, taxon, and the reproductive processes that are critical for reproductive success. The book illustrates how knowledge of reproductive biology among marine fishes can help identify vulnerable and potentially vulnerable species in the face of changing environmental conditions and increasing human-based pressures.
Kathleen S. Cole is Associate Professor of Zoology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
“One can learn a lot from this book; the topics that are covered are treated very well.”—Robert Warner The Quarterly Review Of Bio
"Understanding reproduction in marine fishes is critical to their conservation. It is also a fascinating topic in its own right. This book is now the best single reference on the subject, with original insights, analysis, and information. Anyone interested in the fascinating diversity of ways fish reproduce will want to have a copy of this book handy."—Peter Moyle, co-author of Protecting Life on Earth

"Cole has assembled the internationally recognized authorities and they successfully cover topics of critical interest to behaviorists, ecologists, anatomists, physiologists, and conservation biologists. These experts demonstrate the amazing diversity and complexity of sexual and reproductive characteristics that have evolved among marine fishes."—Gene Helfman, co-author of The Diversity of Fishes: Biology, Evolution and Ecology

"Kathleen Cole and her contributing authors raise from the depths of ignorance many neglected themes in the reproductive biology and fluid sexuality of marine fishes. The sheer richness of the data and the enthusiastic, engaging and thoughtful ways in which they are presented will encourage further research and discovery in biology of marine fishes and their complex and dynamic habitats."—Lynne Parenti, co-author of Comparative Biogeography

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