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Field Guide to Marine Mammals of the Pacific Coast

Baja, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia

Sarah G. Allen (Author), Joe Mortenson (Author), Sophie Webb (Author)

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From gray whales giving birth in the lagoons of Baja California to sea otters nestled in kelp beds off California to killer whales living around Vancouver Island—this spectacular stretch of the Pacific Coast boasts one of the most abundant populations of sea mammals on earth. This handy interpretive field guide describes the 45 whales, dolphins, seals, and otters that are resident in, migrate through, or forage from Baja in Mexico to British Columbia in Canada. The guide’s rich species accounts provide details on identification, natural history, distribution, and conservation. They also tell where and how these fascinating animals can best be viewed. Introductory chapters give general information on the ecology, evolution, and taxonomy of marine mammals; on the Pacific Coast’s unique environment; and on the relationship between marine mammals and humans from native cultures to today. Featuring many color illustrations, photographs, drawings, and maps, this up-to-date guide illuminates a fascinating group of animals and reveals much about their mysterious lives in the ocean.
Sarah G. Allen, a scientist with a federal environmental agency, has studied marine birds and mammals from the Gulf of the Farallones, California, to Antarctica. Joe Mortenson, formerly of the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, is the author of Animal Behavior: Theory and Research and Whale Songs and Wasp Maps. Sophie Webb, a director of Oikonos, is the illustrator of several field guides including A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America.
“Handy, [with] rich species accounts. . . . A must have for anyone interested in marine mammals!”—The Guardian
“For the person who enjoys watching the creatures that inhabit our coastline, the mariner who might travel with pods of whales, or the beachcomber who shares the sand with seals and sea lions, this is a field guide that should be tucked into every day pack or sea bag.”—North County Times
“An excellent compact reference book . . . . you won't have any problem identifying the many mammals you encounter along the coastline or off shore.”—Robert Walch Salinas Californian
“This field guide is a ‘must have’.”—Wildlife Activist
“This comprehensive guide is all you will need when you head for the coast for a day of whale watching or just to enjoy some offfshore boating.”—Bob Walch
“Like an expert, chatty companion at one’s elbow, this is a splendid guide to the subject for both amateurs and professionals. . . . Highly recommended.”—K. B. Sterling Choice
“This comprehensive guide is all you will need when you head for the coast for a day of whale watching or just enjoying some offshore boating.”—Bob Walch Coastviews
“This is an excellent compact reference book for anyone who would like to know more about marine mammals.”—Robert Walch The Californian
“Indispensable for naturalists, both professional and amateur. . . . [This book] belongs in the hands of anyone who is looking to learn more about the sea mammals occupying the waters off the Pacific Coast.”—Paula A. Olson The Quarterly Review Of Bio

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