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Surviving Through the Days

Translations of Native California Stories and Songs, A California Indian Reader

Herbert W. Luthin (Editor), Darryl Babe Wilson (Contributor), Loren Bommelyn (Contributor), Jean Perry (Contributor), Julian Lang (Contributor), William Bright (Contributor), Victor Golla (Contributor), Katherine Leonard Turner (Contributor), Reitha B. Amen (Contributor), Leanne Hinton (Contributor), Dell Hymes (Contributor), Alice Shepherd (Contributor), Brian Bibby (Contributor), William Shipley (Contributor), Robert Oswalt (Contributor), Greg Sarris (Contributor), Catherine Callaghan (Contributor), Geoffrey Gamble (Contributor), Chrsitopher Loether (Contributor), Kathryn Klar (Contributor), Richard Applegate (Contributor), Jane H. Hill (Contributor), Kenneth C. Hill (Contributor), Eric Elliott (Contributor) & 19 more


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This anthology of treasures from the oral literature of Native California, assembled by an editor admirably sensitive to language, culture, and history, will delight scholars and general readers alike. Herbert Luthin's generous selection of stories, anecdotes, myths, reminiscences, and songs is drawn from a wide sampling of California's many Native cultures, and although a few pieces are familiar classics, most are published here for the first time, in fresh literary translations. The translators, whether professional linguists or Native scholars and storytellers, are all acknowledged experts in their respective languages, and their introductions to each selection provide welcome cultural and biographical context. Augmenting and enhancing the book are Luthin's engaging, informative essays on topics that range from California's Native languages and oral-literary traditions to critical issues in performance, translation, and the history of California literary ethnography.
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List of Tables
Pronunciation Guide
Song from the myth "Kwikumat Became Sick," Quechan
General Introduction
Making Texts, Reading Translations

Part 1. Selections
"Creation Songs," Cupeño

1. Kwaw Labors to Form a World
Atsugewi, 1996
Northwestern California
Doctor dance song, Yurok

2. Test-ch’as (The Tidal Wave)
Tolowa, 1985

3. "The Young Man from Serper" and Other Stories
Yurok, 1951, 1985-1988

4. Coyote and Old Woman Bullhead
Karuk, circa 1930

5. The Devil Who Died Laughing
Karuk, 1950

6. "The Boy Who Grew Up at Ta’k’imilding" and Other Stories
Hupa, 1963-1964

7. The Bear Girl
Chimariko, 1921
North-Central California
Spell said by a girl desirous of getting a husband, Northern Yana

8. How My Father Found the Deer
Achumawi, 1970

9. Naponoha (Cocoon Man)
Atsugewi, 1931

10. A Story of Lizard
Yahi, 1915

11. A Selection of Wintu Songs
Wintu, 1929-1931

12. Loon Woman: He-who-is-made-beautiful, She-who-becomes-loon
Wintu, 1929

13. Four Songs from Grace McKibbin
Wintu, circa 1982

14. How I Became a Dreamer
Nomlaki, 1935

15. Mad Bat
Maidu, circa 1902

16. Creation
Eastern Pomo, 1930

17. The Trials of Young Hawk
Southern Pomo, 1940

18. The Woman Who Loved a Snake
Cache Creek Pomo, 1988

19. The Dead People’s Home
Lake Miwok, 1980
South-Central California
Excerpt from "The Ciq’neq’ Myth," Ventureño Chumash

20. Two Stories from the Central Valley
"Visit to the Land of the Dead": Chawchila Yokuts, 1931
"Condor Steals Falcon’s Wife": Yowlumni Yokuts, 1930

21. The Contest between Men and Women
Tübatulabal, circa 1932

22. The Dog Girl
Ineseño Chumash, 1913
Southern California
Excerpt from an account of "The Soul," Quechan

23. The Creation
Serrano, 1963

24. A Harvest of Songs from Villiana Calac Hyde
Luiseño, 1988-1992

25. From "The Life of Hawk Feather": The Bear Episodes
Cupeño, 1962 and 1920

26. In the Desert with Hipahipa
Mojave, 1902

27. An Account of Origins
Quechan (Yuma), 1908

Part 2. Essays on Native California Languages and Oral Literatures

"When I Have Donned My Crest of Stars," Kiliwa

A Brief History of Collection

"Women’s Brush Dance Song," Luiseño

Notes on Native California Oral Literatures

Funeral speech, Quechan

Notes on Native California Languages

Acknowledgments of Permissions
Herbert W. Luthin is an Associate Professor in the English Department at Clarion University.
"This unique and original book sets the standard for such volumes. I can't see anyone coming along for quite some time who would be able to supersede it or top it for quality and inclusiveness."—Brian Swann, editor of Coming to Light

"It is a masterful treatment of oral literature…a wonderful combination of great verbal art and sound scholarship, carefully crafted so that the collection begins and ends with a powerful creation tale."—Leanne Hinton, author of Flutes of Fire

"Since each of the contributing specialists has first-hand familiarity with the material, the translations are of unusual authenticity and the annotations are of unusual insightfulness. Luthin's own introductory sections are especially vivid and well-informed."—William Bright, author of A Coyote Reader

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