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Trees and Shrubs of California

John D. Stuart (Author), John O. Sawyer (Author), Andrea J. Pickart (Illustrator)

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California's varied landscape is characterized by a spectacular abundance of plant life, including a magnificent variety of trees and shrubs. This is the first book to combine the trees and shrubs of California in one accessible field guide. Trees and Shrubs of California identifies and describes native California tree species and most common shrub species. The text is complemented by more than 200 beautiful line drawings, 300 range maps, and 40 color photographs.

In their introduction, the authors discuss the dominant vegetation types, climates, principal landforms, and elevations of California's ecological regions. They explain the classification system and nomenclature used in the book, which includes both scientific and common plant names and is based on the 1993 edition of The Jepson Manual. The authors also provide a step-by-step explanation of how to use the dichotomous keys to identify plants and distinguish between trees and shrubs.

This user-friendly field guide minimizes technical terms and includes a checklist, making it an invaluable resource on California's profuse vegetation.
List of Plates
How the Book Is Organized
How to Use the Book to Identify Trees and Shrubs
California’s Forests and Woodlands

Key to Genera
Descriptions of Genera and Species

Key to Groups
Key to Genera
Descriptions of Genera and Species

Appendix A: Genera Grouped by Distinctive Morphological Features
Broadleaved Trees and Shrubs

Appendix B: Checklist of Trees and Shrubs
Broadleaved Trees and Shrubs

John D. Stuart is Professor of Forestry at Humboldt State University. John O. Sawyer is Professor of Botany at Humboldt State University and coauthor, with T. Keeler-Wolf, of A Manual of California Vegetation (1995), among other books. Andrea J. Pickart is an ecologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
"Finally a guide to the woody plants of wildland California! The easy-to-follow vegetative keys, revealing drawings, crisp color photos, and handy range maps combine to make this a beautiful, reader-friendly resource to the novice and the expert alike. Each species has a page of text, including notes on habitat, morphology, and economic importance."—Michael Barbour, editor of California's Changing Landscapes

"I love this book. It is warmly welcome as a guide for California's avid public, a public that includes natural history lovers, conservationists, consultants, agencies, and public and private land managers. It is useful, useable, packed with accurate information, and cannot help but assist us in the difficult job of preserving our natural heritage."—Jake Sigg, President, California Native Plant Society

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