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Cleomedes' Lectures on Astronomy

A Translation of The Heavens

Cleomedes (Author), Robert B. Todd (Translator), Alan C. Bowen (Translator), Robert B. Todd (Introduction), Alan C. Bowen (Introduction)

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At some time around 200 A.D., the Stoic philosopher and teacher Cleomedes delivered a set of lectures on elementary astronomy as part of a complete introduction to Stoicism for his students. The result was The Heavens (Caelestia), the only work by a professional Stoic teacher to survive intact from the first two centuries A.D., and a rare example of the interaction between science and philosophy in late antiquity. This volume contains a clear and idiomatic English translation—the first ever—of The Heavens, along with an informative introduction, detailed notes, and technical diagrams. This important work will now be accessible to specialists in both ancient philosophy and science and to readers interested in the history of astronomy and cosmology but with no knowledge of ancient Greek.

Cleomedes’ Date
Cleomedes and Posidonius
Physics and Astronomy
Epistemology and Scientific Method
The Criterion and Demonstrative Procedures
Posidonius’ Legacy

Book One
Book Two

Posidonius on Physics and Astronomy (Fragment 18 EK)
Glossary of Selected Terms
Passages from Cleomedes in Collections of Texts
General Index
Index Locorum
Alan C. Bowen is Director of the Institute for Research in Classical Philosophy and Science, Princeton, and editor of several books including Science and Philosophy in Classical Greece (1991) and Astronomy and Astrology from the Babylonians to Kepler (2003). Robert B. Todd is Professor of Classics at the University of British Columbia; his publications include Themistius on Aristotle on the Soul (1996) and Cleomedis Caelestia (1990).

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