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Sustainable Water

Challenges and Solutions from California

Allison Lassiter (Editor)

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Unjacketed Hardcover, 408 pages
ISBN: 9780520285361
July 2015
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Water scarcity, urban population growth, and deteriorating infrastructure are impacting water security around the globe. Struggling with the most significant drought in its recorded history, California faces all of these challenges to secure reliable water supplies for the future. The unfolding story of California water includes warnings and solutions for any region seeking to manage water among the pressures of a dynamic society and environment.

Written by leading policy makers, lawyers, economists, hydrologists, ecologists, engineers, and planners, Sustainable Water reaches across disciplines to address problems and solutions for the sustainable use of water in urban areas. The solutions and ideas put forward in this book integrate water management strategies to increase resilience in a changing world.

Contributors: John T. Andrew, Carolina Balazs, Celeste Cantú, Juliet Christian-Smith, Matthew Deitch, Caitlin Dyckman, Howard Foster, Julian Fulton, Peter Gleick, Brian E. Gray, Ellen Hanak, Maurice Hall, Michael Hanemann, Sasha Harris-Lovett, Matthew Heberger, G. Mathias Kondolf, Jay Lund, Damian Park, Kristen Podolak, John Radke, Isha Ray, David Sedlak, Fraser Shilling, Daniel Wendell, Robert Wilkinson, Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, Sarah Yarnell
Allison Lassiter completed a PhD in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley.
"[Sustainable Water] critically examines the variability and uncertainty of the water footprint as well as its future role in sustainable water management."—Environment and Urbanization
"As the chapters in this book so clearly demonstrate, we are a long way from a reliable and sustainable water system. Fortunately, successful alternatives exist and are waiting for the opportunity to blossom."
--from the Afterword by Peter H. Gleick, Pacific Institute

“There is a wealth of good information here, which makes it a useful resource for academics, resource managers, and policymakers.”
--Suzanne Dallman, former President of the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners and Professor of Geography at CSU Long Beach

“This volume would work very well in a classroom setting, but it also has value as a text for current water professionals. The writing is very accessible and the topic undoubtedly timely.”
--Douglas Kenney, Director of the Western Water Policy Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder and coauthor of The Water-Energy Nexus in the American West

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