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Entropy and Art

An Essay on Disorder and Order, 40th Anniversary Edition

Rudolf Arnheim (Author)

Available worldwide

Paperback, 72 pages
ISBN: 9780520266001
August 2010
$24.95, £20.00
This essay is an attempt to reconcile the disturbing contradiction between the striving for order in nature and in man and the principle of entropy implicit in the second law of thermodynamics - between the tendency toward greater organization and the general trend of the material universe toward death and disorder.
Rudolf Arnheim (1904-2007) was Professor Emeritus of the Psychology of Art at Harvard University and Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Sarah Lawrence College. He was author of many books, including Art and Visual Perception, Film as Art, Power of the Center, and Visual Thinking.
“Arnheim was the best kind of romantic. His wisdom, his patient explanations and lyrical enthusiasm are those of a teacher.”--New York Times “The psychology of art is never as easy as a-b-c, but this book avoids the general obtuseness of such treatises. It will give your mind a good honing.”--Art Direction 

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