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Animal Migration

Remarkable Journeys in the Wild

Ben Hoare (Author)

Available in NAmerica, US and Territories

Hardcover, 176 pages
ISBN: 9780520258235
March 2009
This spectacular guide explores the mysteries of animal migration over land, in the oceans, and through the air. Lavishly illustrated with two hundred photographs and maps, Animal Migration highlights specific conservation issues while tracing the routes of some one hundred species of animal with examples on every continent. Ben Hoare explains how animals migrate, either as parts of mass migration or in individual journeys, and describes in fascinating detail their navigation, reproduction, and feeding strategies. He also brings to life migrations that stand out for their extraordinary challenges such as those that take animals unthinkable distances across hostile or barren territory. Designed for easy browsing or in-depth study, Animal Migration concludes with a supplementary catalog of migrants, adding the routes of an additional two hundred animals, and is an invaluable addition to any nature lover's library.

Copub: Marshall Editions
Ben Hoare is an author and editor who specializes in natural history. His work has appeared in BBC Wildlife and Birdlife magazines and on BBC Web sites, and he is a fellow of the Zoological Society of London.
“Presents a close look at what we have to lose. “ (Starred review)—Publishers Weekly
“Divided into migration over land, in the oceans and through the air, "Journeys in the Wild includes maps, charts, illustrations and color photographs.”—Deseret News
“A collection of color potos, maps and drawings depicts animals’ treks across the planet.”—Science News
“Beautifully illustrated.”—Wildlife Activist

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