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The State of the Middle East, Revised and Updated

An Atlas of Conflict and Resolution

Dan Smith (Author)

Not available in British Common; Available in Canada

Paperback, 152 pages
ISBN: 9780520257535
October 2008
As Western powers attempt to redraw the map of the Middle East, Dan Smith uses his forensic skills to unravel this arena of confrontation and instability, from the Ottoman Empire to the present day. With customarily acute analysis, he highlights key issues and maps their global implications to explain why this region has become, and will remain, the focal point for international relations.

Updated Topics Include:

* Demographic data

* The Israel-Palestine situation

* The current war in Iraq

* The situation in Lebanon

* Refugees and migration

* Islam in the world

Copub: Myriad Editions
Dan Smith is Secretary-General of International Alert and former Director of the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo. He is author of The State of the World Atlas and The Atlas of War and Peace.
“The State of the Middle East is an informative atlas that will serve as a ready reference book in both high school and college settings, as well as in private homes and libraries. The book is concise yet detailed, and the information contained within its pages is easy to comprehend and is essential knowledge for anyone wanting to better understand the politics and history of this volatile region.”—Simone Bonim History In Review
“Successfully educates the reader about the Middle East region and the conflicts, both historical and modern, that have led to the current situation in this part of the world.”—Library Journal
“This book shows why there is still a need for reference books, at a time when we have almost limitless access to the internet . . . it decisively outscores both Google and Wikipedia on their two weakest points—context and provenance.”—Socialist Outlook
“For those trying to navigate the daily onslaught of headlines from the Middle East, Dan Smith's latest book, The State of the Middle East: An Atlas of Conflict and Resolution, will come in handy. Published by the University of California Press, Smith's "atlas" guides readers through the tumultuous region's complex issues and conflicts. The book is broken into sections that cover everything from the Ottoman Empire, to the formation of the state of Israel, through the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, and beyond. It's filled with readable graphs and colorful maps that pinpoint everything from regional ethnic and language groups to military spending and urbanization.”—Jenna Fisher Utne
Praise for Dan Smith’s other atlases:

The State of the World Atlas is something else—an occasion of wit and an act of subversion. These are the bad dreams of the modern world, given color and shape and submitted to a grid that can be grasped instantaneously.”—New York Times

“A compact, versatile and politically imaginative work of reference.”—New Statesman

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