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The Arts of China, Fifth Edition, Revised and Expanded

Michael Sullivan (Author)

Available worldwide

Paperback, 368 pages
ISBN: 9780520255692
February 2009
$42.95, £34.00
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For the fifth edition of his internationally renowned The Arts of China, Michael Sullivan has thoroughly revised and expanded every chapter of this classic history of Chinese art from the Neolithic period to the present day. This new edition reflects the latest archaeological discoveries, pays greater attention to the art of calligraphy, provides more information on Chan (Zen) art, and takes a close look at contemporary art. New images have been added to almost every chapter: the work now features more than four hundred photographs, maps, and illustrations, with more than two-thirds of them in full color.

Written in the engaging and lucid style that is Sullivan's hallmark, The Arts of China is readily accessible to general readers as well as serious students of art history. Sullivan's approach remains true to the way the Chinese themselves view art, providing readers with a sense of the sweep of history through China's dynasties. This organizational strategy makes it easy for readers to understand the distinct characteristics of each period of art and to gain a clearer view of how Chinese art has changed in relation to its historical context. With many improvements that bring it fully up to date, The Arts of China will remain the most comprehensive and widely read introduction to the history of Chinese art.
Preface to the Fifth Edition ix
Chronological Table of Dynasties and Modern Republics x
Reign Periods of the Ming and Qing Dynasties xi

1 Before the Dawn of History 1
2 The Early Bronze Age: Shang andWestern Zhou 15
3 Eastern Zhou and the Period of theWarring States 45
4 The Qin and Han Dynasties 65
5 The Three Kingdoms and the Six Dynasties 99
6 The Sui and Tang Dynasties 131
7 The Five Dynasties and the Song Dynasty 161
8 The Yuan Dynasty 203
9 The Ming Dynasty 223
10 The Qing Dynasty 253
11 The Twentieth Century and Beyond 283

Notes 315
Books for Reference and Further Reading 325
List of Maps and Illustrations 331

Michael Sullivan is Fellow Emeritus at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University. His many books include The Night Entertainments of Han Xizai: A Scroll by Gu Hongzhong and Modern Chinese Artists: A Biographical Dictionary (both from UC Press).
“[Sullivan] writes clearly and fluidly, naturalizing scholarly contact with occasional first-person comments, making interpretive connections to Western counterparts, offering fascinating insights into the Chinese mind, and injecting the analysis of art objects with cross-disciplinary analogies. . . . A user-friendly text for art history students and an excellent reference book for school and public libraries.”—Naea News
"From the Neolithic to the avant-garde, and through all the brilliant centuries in between, Michael Sullivan's introduction to Chinese art history is the classic in its field, unsurpassed in its clarity, balance, and sure grasp of the subject. Whether for the classroom student or the casual reader, its remarkable range and elegant style make this book a wonderful way for anyone to begin learning about Chinese art."—Jerome Silbergeld, Princeton University

"I have used Sullivan's Arts of China in my class for thirty years. No other historian of Chinese art today commands such a wide range of knowledge as Michael Sullivan."—Richard Barnhart, Yale University, editor of Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting

"After more than forty years since its first publication, Michael Sullivan's Arts of China, now in its fifth edition, remains the most concise yet most comprehensive introduction to the history of Chinese art to students and the public."—Wu Hung, Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago

"Michael Sullivan is the acknowledged dean of modern Chinese art studies, and any work bearing his name guarantees both a high level of quality and a wide readership."—Maxwell K. Hearn, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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