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Artichoke to Za’atar

Modern Middle Eastern Food

Greg Malouf (Author), Lucy Malouf (Author)

Available in NAmerica, US and Territories

Hardcover, 352 pages
ISBN: 9780520254138
March 2008
This richly illustrated book offers a comprehensive collection of 170 recipes, organized alphabetically according to ingredients widely used in Middle Eastern cooking. Written by award-winning chef Greg Malouf and his writing partner, Lucy Malouf, Artichoke to Za'atar covers everything from the basics—almonds, lemons, and yogurt—to less widely known components such as pomegranates, rose water, and sumac. A brief description and history of each ingredient is provided, along with invaluable tips on how to select, prepare, and cook it. Originally published in 1999 as Arabesque, this book has earned international acclaim as the ultimate guide to modern Middle Eastern cuisine by a chef who is considered a master of the genre. Artichoke to Za'atar is a volume to read, use, and treasure—a must for anyone interested in creative cooking and culinary history. Now available in North America for the first time.
Acknowledgments vi
Introduction viii
Cooking Notes xii

Almonds 1 Apricots 8 Artichokes 14
Beans 22 Bulgur 33
Cardamom 40 Cheese 47 Chickpeas 57 Chilis 65 Cinnamon 75
Coriander and Cilantro 83 Couscous 92 Cumin 101
Dates 108
Eggplant 116
Figs 128
Garlic 134 Ginger 142
Honey 149
Lamb 157 Lemons 167 Lentils 174
Mint 181
Olive Oil 188 Olives 194 Orange-Blossom Water 199
Parsley 206 Pastry 212 Pine Nuts 226 Pistachios 233 Pomegranates 239
Quinces 245
Rice 252 Rose Water 261
Saffron 267 Sesame Seeds 275 Spinach and Swiss Chard 281 Sumac 287
Thyme 292 Turkish Coffee 298
Vine Leaves 304 Watermelon 310 Yogurt 316
Zucchini 323

Bibliography 329
Index 330
Greg Malouf has transformed the Australian restaurant scene by presenting the flavors of his Middle Eastern heritage with exciting contemporary flair. Most recently he has been executive chef at MoMo restaurant in Melbourne. Lucy Malouf is a Melbourne-based writer with a particular interest in food and cooking. She is the author of The Food and Wine Lover's Guide to Melbourne's Bays and Peninsulas and The Seasons Plate Cookbook. The Maloufs are the authors of the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Moorish: Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech and Saha: A Chef's Journey through Lebanon and Syria.
“Recipes for pros and novices alike.”—Bon Appetit
“Again and again, this elegantly photographed book makes good on its promise to challenge outdated notions of Middle Eastern cuisine and teach readers where particular dishes hail from.”—Saveur
“Some of the highest quality prose to be found in cookery books.”—Foreword Magazine
Greg Malouf is an Australian chef who has an easy mastery of Middle Eastern ingredients, from coriander to yogurt to mint. His recipe for Southern fried chicken with Eastern spices, to give just one example, brilliantly reanimates an old favorite.—New York Times Book Review
“A celebration of middle eastern ingredients. . . . Provides a comprehensive overview. . . . Easy to follow, appropriate for beginning or experiences cooks. . . . This collection is available in North America for the first time and is sure to appeal to a wide audience.”—Pw: Nonfiction (2)
This updated, ingredient-driven cookbook presents the bounty of the Middle East. Each small chapter is divided by the main ingredient, from (of course) artichoke to za'atar, and everything in between, like less common orange-blossom water or quince. . . . Thorough introductions at the beginning of each section make this a solid reference book for anyone interested in exploring the foods of the region.—San Francisco Chronicle
Imparts a lot of practical information. . . . Often leavened with food lore.—Wall Street Journal
"This innovative cookbook includes successful modern interpretations of traditional dishes, often making them lighter and more accessible without destroying the original. I heartily recommend Artichoke to Za'atar."—Jill Norman, editor of The Cook's Book

"I'm sold on Greg Malouf. . . . I like his swing back and forth between old and new, and his sensitivity with spices is especially brilliant." —Paula Wolfert, author of Couscous and other Good Food from Morocco

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