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A Dictionary of the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen

A Volume of the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen Project

Hermann Tessenow (Author), Paul U. Unschuld (Author)

Available worldwide

Hardcover, 824 pages
ISBN: 9780520253582
May 2008
$99.95, £84.00
This dictionary reflects the English meanings of Chinese characters and character compounds laid down in the annotated edition of the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen, translated by Hermann Tessenow and Paul U. Unschuld. The Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen is a seminal text of ancient Chinese medicine and natural philosophy. It reflects empirical knowledge and the doctrines of yin-yang and Five Agents in the perception of the human body and its organs, qi and the blood, pathogenic agents, concepts of disease and diagnosis, and a variety of therapies, including acupuncture. The original printing of this title contained an enclosed CD containing two concordances that list all characters along the pinyin-alphabetical sequence. These contents can now be accessed on the product page of the website under "Downloads" (
Hermann Tessenow is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute for the History of Medicine at Munich University. Paul U. Unschuld is Professor and Director of the Horst-Goertz Institute for the Theory, History, and Ethics of Chinese Life Sciences at Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin and is the author of Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen: Nature, Knowledge, Imagery in an Ancient Chinese Medical Text (UC Press, 2003).
“Tessenow and Unschuld . . . have provided a powerful tool for verifying and deepening our understanding of the text, and developed a format for future publications that will have a lasting impact.”—Times Literary Supplement (TLS)

Concordance to the Huang Di nei jing su wen

Download the Concordance (PDF, 14.7MB)


This concordance lists all occurrences of the 1866 Chinese characters forming the complete text, including chapter headings, of the Huang Di nei jing su wen (except for the apocryphal chapters 72 and 73).

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