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The American Research University from World War II to World Wide Web

Governments, the Private Sector, and the Emerging Meta-University

Charles M. Vest (Author)

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Hardcover, 140 pages
ISBN: 9780520252530
June 2007
$85.00, £71.00
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Forty years after Clark Kerr coined the term multiversity, the American research university has continued to evolve into a complex force for social and economic good. This volume provides a unique opportunity to explore the current state of the research university system. Charles M. Vest, one of the leading advocates for autonomy for American higher education, offers a multifaceted view of the university at the beginning of a new century. With a complex mission and funding structure, the university finds its international openness challenged by new security concerns and its ability to contribute to worldwide opportunity through sharing and collaboration dramatically expanded by the Internet. In particular, Vest addresses the need to nurture broad access to our universities and stay true to the fundamental mission of creating opportunity.

Chapter 1. Federal, State, and Local Governments
Chapter 2. Industry, Philanthropy, and Universities: The Roles and Influences of the Private Sector in Higher Education
Chapter 3. Openness of Education, Research, and Scholarly Communication in an Age of Globalization and Terrorism
Chapter 4. The Emerging Global Meta-University: Higher Education and Scholarship in the Age of the Internet

Charles M. Vest is President Emeritus and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is author of Pursuing the Endless Frontier: Essays on MIT and the Role of Research Universities and Holographic Interferometry.
“An insightful, penetrating analysis of the changing status and role of research universities.”—Choice

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