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Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Names, Greetings, Insults, Sayings

Angela McDonald (Author), Louise Fletcher (Other)

Available in US, Canada, Philippines

Paperback, 80 pages
ISBN: 9780520252356
April 2007
The Egyptian hieroglyphic script is one of the most beautiful, fascinating, and expressive writing systems ever invented. In Ancient Egypt, only an elite few could read and write hieroglyphs, but now you too can recognize and write a selection of names, titles, descriptions, sayings, greetings—even insults! For the ancient Egyptians, nothing could exist without a name—names held the spark of life. In this colorful illustrated guide, Angela McDonald explains how the Egyptians composed names for the elements of their world and along the way opens a fascinating window on their ancient culture—their gods, enemies, animals, and more. With practical guides and a lively, informative text, she shows how to create many charming and useful phrases in hieroglyphs for yourself, your friends, your pets—even your house. There are step-by-step tips on how to draw some of the trickier signs and a collection of genuine Egyptian phrases—greetings, laments, and insults—for use in your own compositions. In the words of one Egyptian papyrus, "By day write with your fingers, recite by night. Befriend the scroll and the palette—it's more fulfilling than wine!"

Copub: British Museum Press
1. The importance of names in Ancient Egypt
2. People and their names: how Egyptian names are written and what they mean
3. Gods’ names and epithets
4. The animal world: how animal names express the nature of the creature
5. Secret names and names for posterity
6. List of useful Egyptian words and phrases
Angela McDonald lectures in Egyptology at Glasgow University.
"A fascinating, easy-to-read yet highly informative introduction to hieroglyphs suitable for all novice Egyptologists. Angela McDonald makes learning the language of the pharaohs fun."—Joyce Tyldesley, author of Egypt

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