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Robert Smithson

Eugenie Tsai (Editor), Alexander Alberro (Contributor), Suzaan Boettger (Contributor), Cornelia Butler (Contributor), Thomas Crow (Contributor), Mark Linder (Contributor), Ann Reynolds (Contributor), Jennifer L. Roberts (Contributor), Moira Roth (Contributor), Richard Sieburth (Contributor), Robert A. Sobieszek (Contributor), Eugenie Tsai (Contributor), Lisa Gabrielle Mark (Other) & 8 more

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Paperback, 280 pages
ISBN: 9780520244092
September 2004
$44.95, £35.00
This fully illustrated 248-page book accompanies the first comprehensive American retrospective of Robert Smithson's (1938–1973) complex and highly influential career. Straddling the movements of minimalism and land art, Smithson, who died in a plane crash at the age of 35, had a profound impact on the cultural landscape that resonates to this day. Robert Smithson presents essays by top Smithson scholars alongside both archival imagery and specially commissioned photography of the artist's works; it considers the interrelationship of Smithson's complete artistic output, from the earliest figurative work up to his famed earthworks. Smithson's revolutionary ideas positioned art as existing beyond the walls of the museum in media such as writing and film, and even in the landscape itself. This volume and the exhibition it accompanies explore Smithson's work within the context of the artistic climate of the late 1960s as well as ensuing decades.

Perhaps most renowned as the creator of Spiral Jetty (1970), a fifteen-hundred-foot rock coil dramatically situated in the Great Salt Lake, Smithson also broke new ground with his films, photographs, writing, drawings, and collages. Eugenie Tsai provides a curatorial overview of the exhibition, which includes early writings, drawings, and other work with religious, erotic, and pop culture motifs that deepen our understanding of Smithson's diverse practice. Other contributions to the volume are a previously unpublished interview with Smithson by Moira Roth; a substantive historical and critical essay by Thomas Crow; an essay by MOCA curator Cornelia Butler discussing Smithson's lineage and his influence on contemporary artists; and a series of texts focusing on key works from Smithson's oeuvre, including Incidents of Mirror Travel in the Yucatan by Suzaan Boettger, Enantiomorphic Chambers by Ann Reynolds, Airport Terminal Project by Mark Linder, Spiral Jetty by Jennifer Roberts, Heap of Language by Richard Sieburth, Proposal for Monument at Antartica [sic] by Robert Sobieszek. The book also features the complete Library List—a posthumously compiled list of publications in Smithson's personal library—with an introduction by Alexander Alberro, as well as an exhibition checklist and annotated exhibition chronology.

With contributions by Alexander Alberro, Suzaan Boettger, Cornelia Butler, Thomas Crow, Mark Linder, Ann Reynolds, Jennifer L. Roberts, Moira Roth, Richard Sieburth, Robert A. Sobieszek, and Eugenie Tsai
--Eugenie Tsai

Cosmic Exile: Turns in the Life and Art of Robert Smithson
--Thomas Crow

The Taste of Time: Salt and the Spiral Jetty
--Jennifer Roberts

Towards “a new type of building”: Robert Smithson’s Architectural Criticism
--Mark Linder

Enantiomorphic Models
--Ann Reynolds

In the Yucatan: Mirroring Presence and Absence
--Suzaan Boettger

Robert Smithson’s Proposal for Monument at Antarctica
--Robert Sobieszek

“A Heap of Language”: Robert Smithson and American Hieroglyphics
--Richard Sieburth

The Catalogue of Robert Smithson’s Library
--Alexander Alberro

The Library List

Beyond Duchamp: An Interview with Robert Smithson
--Moira Roth

A Lurid Presence: Smithson’s Legacy and Post-Studio Art
--Cornelia Butler

Checklist of the Exhibition
Exhibition Chronology
Eugenie Tsai is a critic and independent curator. Formerly Senior Curator and Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs at the Whitney Museum of American Art, she organized exhibitions and artists' projects for the museum and its branches and oversaw the permanent collection. She is the author of Robert Smithson Unearthed (1991).
“Carefully and thoroughly illustrated with his [Smithson’s] photographs, drawings, images of his work and his writings, this book offers a comprehensive and detailed look into the life and work of this extremely industrious and insightful artist.”—Antiques And The Arts Weekly
“Combining striking imagery of his [Smithson’s] work with critical essays, this retrospective fully captures his still innovative ideas.”—Mirela Roncevic Library Journal

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