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Women of Wine

The Rise of Women in the Global Wine Industry

Ann B. Matasar (Author)

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Hardcover, 265 pages
ISBN: 9780520240513
June 2006
$58.95, £50.00
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This inspiring, engagingly written book, with its personal approach and global scope, is the first to explore women’s increasingly influential role in the wine industry, traditionally a very male-dominated domain. Women of Wine draws on interviews with dozens of leading women winemakers, estate owners, professors, sommeliers, wine writers, and others in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere to create a fascinating mosaic of the women currently shaping the wine world that also offers a revealing insiders’ look at the wine industry.

To set the stage, Ann B. Matasar chronicles the historical barriers to women’s participation in the industry, reviews post-World War II changes that created new opportunities for them, and pays tribute to a few extraordinary nineteenth-century women who left their mark on wine despite the odds against them. She then turns to her primary topic: an accessible discussion of women associated with some of the most prestigious wineries and institutions in both the Old and New Worlds that emphasizes their individual and collective contributions. Matasar also considers issues of importance to women throughout the business world including mentors, networking, marriage, family, education, self-employment versus the corporate life, and risk taking.
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1. Women Need Not Apply
2. The Changing Face of the Wine Business
3. A Toast to the Past
4. Viticultrices et Propriétaires
5. Le Donne del Vino
6. The New World: California
7. The New World: The Southern Hemisphere
8. Knowledge Is Power
9. Uncorking Sales
10. Past, Present, Future

Appendix 1: List of Interviews
Appendix 2: Women Masters of Wine
Appendix 3: Women Master Sommeliers
Ann B. Matasar is Professor of Business Emerita at the Walter E. Heller College of Business Administration at Roosevelt University. She is the author of Corporate PACs and Federal Campaign Financing Laws (1986) and coauthor of The Impact of Geographic Deregulation on the American Banking Industry (2002) and Research Guide for Women’s Studies (1974).
“A thorough treatise on the subject of women in wine. . . . The portraits reveal a great deal about the challenges women face in the industry.”—Gastronomica: Journal Of Food & Culture
“After reading this well-documented chronicle on the growing presence of women in the centuries-old wine industry, one understands why wine is gaining in popularity over other alcoholic beverages: the "women of wine" are passionate about both their path and their product. . . .Oenophiles as well as the merely curious will rejoice in learning intriguing facets of the industry.“—Peter R. Latusek Library Journal
“Extensively researched and even-handed.”—Sante
“Focuses on modern women who have managed, against the odds, to find success in a field historically dominated by men.”—The Santa Fe New Mexican
"Ann Matasar has documented the struggles and strategies of contemporary women to succeed and lead in wine. Her stories are diverse, instructive, powerful, and poignant."—Zelma Long, Zelphi Wines

"An engaging story that pays homage to the women at the crossroads of wine's cultural history. With penetrating insight and deep affection, Ann Matasar tells the story of these pioneering women through fascinating oral histories."—Anne Rosenzweig, founding board member of the International Association of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs

"Ann Matasar has performed the tricky task of addressing women's roles in the wine world without resorting to tiresome gender stereotypes. Her book proves that, despite the challenges, women make an ever-increasing contribution to wine at every level of production, commerce, and appreciation."—Mary Ewing-Mulligan, MW, co-author of Wine Style and Wine For Dummies, and President, International Wine Center

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