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The New Atlas of Planet Management

Revised Edition

Norman Myers (Editor), Jennifer Kent (Editor), Katy Smith (Other)

Available in North America

Paperback, 304 pages
ISBN: 9780520238794
November 2005
The New Atlas of Planet Management was regarded as the most groundbreaking survey of the state of our planet when it was first published in 1984. After over twenty years in print, it has become the bible of the environmental movement and the definitive guide to a planet in critical transition. Regularly featured among the top ten books on the environment, the Atlas has been read by millions of people and translated into more than a dozen languages. This enlarged edition brings the classic reference up-to-date. Thoroughly revised with the latest figures and analysis, fresh full-color and easy-to-read graphics, an expanded format, and a wealth of current environmental and political topics that have arisen during the previous two decades, The New Atlas of Planet Management will equip a further generation of readers with information to face the challenges of the new millennium.


*Updated chapters on land, oceans, elements, evolution, humankind, civilization, and management

*New sections on consumption, globalization, environmental security, refugees, international terrorism, the rise of information technology, china, and more

*Powerful new illustrations that convey a wealth of information

Copub: Gaia Books
Norman Myers is a Fellow at the Said Business School, Oxford University, and an Adjunct Professor at Duke University. He is a foreign associate of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and an Ambassador for WWF/UK. He has received the Volvo Environment Prize, the UNEP/Sasakawa Environment Prize, the Blue Planet Prize, and a Queen's Honour for "services to the global environment." His eighteen books span a wide range of disciplines. Jennifer Kent is an environmental researcher and analyst specializing in interdisciplinary studies. Norman Myers and Jennifer Kent have coauthored Environmental Exodus: An Emergent Crisis in the Global Arena (1995), Perverse Subsidies: How Tax $s Can Undercut the Environment and Economy (2001), and New Consumers: The Influence of Affluence on the Environment (2004).
“A layout where crisp, erudite but simply written text is complemented by excellent explanatory photos and drawings. . . . This truly magnificent summary of the state of the world, replete with new information and fresh insights, is a book every school, library and family should have.”—Bbc Wildlife Magazine
“A tour de force. . . . Not only is The New Atlas of Planet Management a critical resource for those teaching environmental science or environmental studies courses, it is also critical for those in positions of power. Governmental decisionmakers, politicians, and leaders of nongovernmental organizations all would benefit by having this on their desks--not their bookshelves.”—Linda Wallace Bioscience

"An extraordinary, vitally important book. It shows what a complex and magnificent world we have inherited, how it works, what bad stewards we have been, and, most important, how we can mend our ways before it is too late and we find ourselves breeding like greenfly on a cinder. It is, in fact, a sort of blueprint for our survival."—Gerald Durrell

"An overwhelming book."—Time Out

"A remarkable, comprehensive view of the balance of folly and wisdom."—The Guardian

"Read this book. Don't just read it: buy it! Present a copy to your college library; send one to your congressman; if you lend your own copy, get it back! If any book can teach a nation how to control its collective self interest, it is [this book]."—New Scientist

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